Take control of
your identity

Storing your verified identity with Service Victoria saves you time and effort when you use our services.

Identity verification for senior card
Identity verification for senior card

What is identity verification?

Verifying your identity proves you are who you say you are. This makes accessing government services online quicker and easier.

Identity verification at a glance



It costs nothing to verify your identity.



We use high grade encryption to keep your data safe.



A verified identity can be used on over 50 different applications and services.



Your identity info is private. We only share it when required with your permission.



Once you verify your identity, it’s saved to your account and you can use it again and again.



Saving your identity means you don’t have to prove it’s you every time you use our services.

Which option is right for you?

Different services require different strengths of identity verification.

Compare the differences and see which level is right for you.

Medium level identity verification

Medium level

The medium level is the fastest identity verification, but some services may require the high level.

Takes around 5 mins to complete.
Needs 2 identity documents.
Works on a number of services.
Works with popular services such as solar rebate.
High level identity verification

High level

High level identity verification takes around 15 minutes, but will work with all of Service Victoria.

Takes around 15 mins to complete.
Needs at least 2 identity documents. Some services may need a third.
Requires a photo ID.
Works with all services that require identity verification.
Required for working with children check, NDIS screening check and more.

Services that require Identity

Work and volunteering services

You’ll need to verify your identity to work in
certain fields or complete certain tasks.

NDIS worker screening check

You need this if you work for an NDIS provider in a risk-assessed role.

High level of assurance required

Identity verification for NDIS worker screening check
Identity verification for WorkSafe licence

WorkSafe licence

You may need a work safe licence if you’re doing high risk tasks for work.

High level of assurance required

Working with Children Check

Receiving a working with children check allows you to do child related work in Victoria.

High level of assurance required

Identity verification for Working with Children Check

Personal services

Verify your identity online to get access to all of these personal services and more.

Solar rebate

See if you’re eligible for a Solar Homes rebate. Get your home future ready with less upfront costs.

Medium level of assurance required

Identity verification for solar rebate
Identity verification for solar hotwater rebate

Solar hot water rebate

Apply for a rebate of 50% off up to $1000 towards eligible solar and heat pump hot water systems.

Medium level of assurance required

Need more information?
Check out the Service Victoria Identity Verification Standards.