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What you need to know
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Where you live

You can only get membership if you live in Victoria or near state borders. Not all towns near the border are covered.

Not sure? Check you’re inside the Ambulance Victoria coverage area (External link) (External link) (External link)

If you want to pay by recurring direct debit, you can do this directly through Ambulance Victoria. (External link) (External link) (External link)

When membership begins

Membership starts at 5pm on the day after Ambulance Victoria receives your payment, not from the moment you pay. Payments can take 3 working days to process. After joining, you'll also need to wait 14 days before you're covered for non-emergency transport and any conditions you had before you started. Find out more (External link) (External link) (External link)

Dependant children and partners

You can buy a family membership. This covers:

  • You
  • Your partner
  • Children under 17 who live with you
  • Full-time students under 25
How we use your info

We’ll pass on your info to Ambulance Victoria so they can start your membership. We won’t use your info for any other purpose unless permitted by law. You can contact us or Ambulance Victoria if you want to access your personal info. Learn more about how we use your info.


There are 2 types of membership: single and family.

Single membership only covers you. Family membership can cover you, your partner and your eligible children (External link) (External link).

Fee PRIOR to 22 July 2024.

Membership Term Single Family
One Year (Quarterly) $12.99 $25.97
One Year $51.94 $103.88

Fee AS OF to 22 July 2024.

Membership Term Single Family
One Year (Quarterly) $13.34 $26.68
One Year $53.37 $106.73

Payment options


For recurring memberships please visit Ambulance Victoria.

Does my private health insurance cover ambulance costs?

Ambulance Victoria has no affiliations with private health insurers, so you’ll need to check your policy.

Even if private health insurers do offer ambulance cover, keep in mind they don’t take out Ambulance Victoria membership on your behalf and will set their own terms and conditions about what’s covered.

Contact your fund and use the private health insurance checklist to see if your policy’s cover is sufficient.

What does an Ambulance Victoria membership cover me for?

Ambulance Victoria membership cover includes:

  • All emergency road ambulance transport
  • All mobile intensive care ambulance attendance and treatment
  • All emergency air ambulance and clinically necessary non-emergency air ambulance
  • All ambulance treatment when transport is not required
  • All clinically necessary non-emergency patient transport
  • Emergency ambulance treatment and transport services provided while interstate.

In all cases ambulance transport costs are only covered when transport is to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility, as determined by Ambulance Victoria and where there’s a clear clinical need for transport to occur.

 When am I not covered by Ambulance Victoria membership?

Ambulance Victoria membership does not cover:

  • Services required for social or convenience reasons, such as to be closer to home.
  • Transport from one private home to another.
  • Transport back to Victoria not clinically necessary and which has not been approved by Ambulance Victoria in advance.
  • Non-emergency cases during the qualifying period.
  • Emergency cases during the qualifying period that are a result of a preexisting ailment.
  • Services required prior to 5pm the day after the membership fee is received.
  • Dependent children aged between 17 to 24 years who are listed on a family membership but are not full time students.
How we use your info

We collect personal info Ambulance Victoria needs to issue your Ambulance Victoria membership.

You can’t get an Ambulance Victoria membership through Service Victoria without giving this info.

We’ll share this info:

  • with Ambulance Victoria
  • where permitted by law

If you add someone else’s personal info while applying, you must tell them.

You can choose to link your Ambulance Victoria membership to Service Victoria. If you agree, we’ll get your membership info from Ambulance Victoria to show in your Service Victoria account and mobile app.

If you have an Ambulance Victoria membership and want to access your info, contact us or Ambulance Victoria.

To learn more about how we handle your info, see our Privacy and Security Policy, or the Ambulance Victoria Privacy Policy.