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After you’ve given us this info, we’ll email you a list of authorised harvesters with quotas available for your zone.

It’s then up to you to make direct contact with one or more to organise a time and date for harvest.

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How we use your info

We’ll pass on your info to the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR) to provide you with a list of kangaroo harvesters in your local government area. We won’t use your info for any other purpose unless permitted by law. You can contact us or DJSIR if you want to access your personal info. Learn more about how we use your info.

What is the Kangaroo Harvesting Program?

The program helps manage Victoria’s kangaroo population while reducing waste by using the carcasses for pet food.

The program lets landowners manage kangaroo populations on their property and minimise damage, while using the carcasses for Victoria's economic benefit. 

The state government designates zones across Victoria with assigned quotas for the number of kangaroos that can be controlled in each zone.

Only registered harvesters may control kangaroos, and only with the landowner’s permission. Carcasses get transported to registered processors for processing into pet food. 

Who oversees the program?

The Department of Jobs, Skills Industry and Regions in collaboration with the Game Management Authority.

When does the program start?

The program came into effect on 1 October 2019. Actual harvesting and processing will follow shortly.

How do I arrange harvesting on my property?

You can directly engage any authorised harvester who holds a quota for your zone.

To find a harvester, tap 'Get started' at the bottom of the screen.

Learn more about the program

When will a harvester come to my property?

You organise this yourself with your chosen harvester. It's up to them and you to agree when harvesting may take place.

If a harvester shoots on your property outside agreed times, call 136 186 or, if you're in immediate danger, call 000 and ask for the police.

What info do I need to give a harvester?

You must provide written consent for the harvester to control kangaroos on your property.

Download a consent form

What info should I get from a harvester before letting them harvest on my property?

You must ask to see:

  • a copy or evidence of their authorisation to harvest kangaroos
  • evidence they have appropriate public liability or public indemnity insurance.
Will I be paid or have to pay for the kangaroos harvested on my land?

No. Neither party pays each other. 

Will the Authority To Control Wildlife program continue?

Yes. Landowners can still apply for an authority, and that system will keep running independently.

An authority gives landowners the right to control kangaroos on their own property. But these carcasses can't be used for pet food. 

Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action will keep administering the program.

Learn more about the program

What if there are no harvesters in my area or they won't come on to my property?

If a professional harvester doesn't work in your area or can't come to you, you can apply for an authority to control the kangaroos yourself.

Where are the zones and their quotas?

Learn more about zones and quotas

What should I do if I think a harvester has been harvesting on my property illegally or I have concerns?

All concerns should be reported by calling 136 186.

If you suspect a harvester on your property is acting illegally or that unauthorised harvesters are on your property, call 136 186 to report it. An Authorised Officer will contact you.

Non-compliance with the conditions of the program may result in an investigation. Any harvester acting outside the conditions of their authorisation can have it revoked and may face big penalties. 

Other questions?

If your question isn’t answered here, learn more at the Agriculture Victoria website .

How we use your info

We collect personal info the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR) needs to register you as a landholder for the Kangaroo Harvesting Program, or provide you with a list of kangaroo harvesters in your local government area.

The Wildlife Act 1975 and the Conservation, Forests and Lands Act 1987 authorises DJSIR to deliver the Kangaroo Harvesting Program.

You can’t register as a landholder for the Kangaroo Harvesting Program or get info about kangaroo harvesters in your area without giving this info.

We’ll share this info:

  • with DJSIR
  • where permitted by law

If you add someone else’s personal info, you must tell them.

If you’re a registered landholder in the Kangaroo Harvesting Program and want to access your info, contact us or DJSIR.

To learn more about how we handle your info, see our Privacy and Security Policy, or the DJSIR Privacy Policy.

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