Update your Ambulance Victoria membership details. 

This takes about 3 mins
What you can change
There are a few changes you can make to single or family memberships with Service Victoria:
  • Update your contact information
  • Add or remove a partner or children in some circumstances
However, you need to contact Ambulance Victoria on 1300 366 141 for:
  • updating a recurring membership
  • updating payment details for recurring memberships
  • changing membership type
  • creating a new membership for dependants who become ineligible
  • removing a member if that will leave only 1 person – a family membership can't have only a single person
How we use your info

We’ll pass on your info to Ambulance Victoria to update your details. We won’t use your info for any other purpose unless permitted by law. You can contact us or Ambulance Victoria if you want to access your personal info. Learn more about how we use your info.

What does "dependant" mean?

A dependant means your legal or de facto partner, or a child you're legally responsible for. To be included on your family membership, they must be between 17 and 25 and in full-time study..

What are the rules for students?

Only full-time students under 25 can be included on family memberships. It doesn't matter where the student lives. If you study part time and want to cover, please take out single membership.

Can I include parents or siblings on my membership?

No. Family membership can only cover you, your partner and your dependants. 

Does it cost anything to add someone?

No. If you already have family membership, it's free to add a partner or dependant.

How do I change the kind of membership I have?

You'll need to visit Ambulance Victoria's site if you want to change your membership type, update your payment details or make any changes to a recurring membership.

Still haven't found the answer? See Ambulance Victoria's FAQ (External link) for more.

How we use your info

We collect personal info Ambulance Victoria needs to update your Ambulance Victoria membership details.

You can’t update your Ambulance Victoria membership details through Service Victoria without giving this info.

We’ll share this info:

  • with Ambulance Victoria
  • where permitted by law

If you add someone else’s personal info while applying, you must tell them.

You can choose to link your Ambulance Victoria membership to Service Victoria. If you agree, we’ll get your membership info from Ambulance Victoria to show in your Service Victoria account and mobile app.

If you have an Ambulance Victoria membership and want to access your info, contact us or Ambulance Victoria.

To learn more about how we handle your info, see our Privacy and Security Policy, or the Ambulance Victoria Privacy Policy.